Wohnkultur 90 m² - Schlafzimmer

Airy design without blockages

Like wind or water, the chi finds its way through the rooms. If you grant the chi enough room, it can flow and circulate freely. It is important that there are no blockages, therefore we have considered certain Feng Shui principles in our rooms. The headboard of the bed is always on a solid wall and never under a window. In our rooms you usually have the door and the window in view so that unconsciously you gain a feeling of inner security. Our furniture is light and airy, designed without hard edges and in harmonious symmetry. In addition the colours are particularly important for a relaxing atmosphere.

Wohnkultur 60 m²

Feng Shui colours for your wellbeing

Our rooms are furnished with warm wood, soft light and pure white linen. The wood element symbolizes life, creation, growth and creativity. White emphasizes the specific Feng Shui colours. Soft sofas and cushions in brown, green and red set colour accents according to Feng Shui principles: Red is a Feng Shui colour with a huge positive effect. Red represents the yang energy, masculinity and promotes strength and activity. Brown stands for groundedness and is therefore calming. Green symbolizes vitality, life and health. Since this colour represents the overall energy cycle in nature, green has a positive impact on new beginnings of any kind. Green boosts hope and confidence.

Wohnkultur 33 m²

Pleasant heat with views of the nature

Our LIVINGculture keeps the life energy going and gives you a relaxed feeling of wellbeing. LIVINGculture also means that you always rest in well-tempered rooms and can use every amenity at any time. In order to consider our responsibility towards the environment we use a variety of energy-saving technologies. For example, we use heat recovery in many areas. Wherever waste heat is produced – for example, in the clothes dryers, ventilation or in a refrigeration unit – the heat is stored in the heating circuit and used for water heating. Sustainability is an important part of our philosophy, because we see the beauty of our nature as a gift which we want to preserve.