Ozonated olive oil, a tissue or circulating oil and alkaline salt help the body to remove acids. This treatment is used in particular to strengthen the circulatory system, enhances blood circulation and supports the connective tissue to improve cellulite, scars and aging skin.

30 min. € 35,00

This massage is a special skin treatment. The moist heated herbs unfold a soothing and relaxing as well as cleansing effect. Before the herbal massage a light salt/oil massage is performed.

60 min. € 75,00

With its fine bronze bristles made of an alloy of copper and tin, this special brush causes a particularly relaxing and pleasant tingling on the skin. The treatment has a vitalizing effect and stimulates blood circulation. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

30 min. € 35,00

Enjoy the ceremony of heat and cleansing with an alkaline body peeling and body wrap.

60 min. € 49,00
For 2 persons 60 min. € 96,00