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Hotel Andy JerzensSpa massagesThai-Massage – by traditional Asian teaching

Thai-Massage – by traditional Asian teaching

The foundation of Thai Massage is the ayurvedic system of 72,000 lines of energy, of which ten are treated in the Thai massage. By Ayurvedic teachings these energy lines provide us with prana (life energy). In the stretching positions of the Thai massage the muscles consume oxygen and the person is encouraged to breathe more deeply. A deep breathing promotes relaxation and regeneration.

Additional pressure on certain energy points also alleviates the following physical ailments:

Headache, nausea, indigestion, ear ringing (tinnitus), insomnia, shock, cough, knee pain, back pain, dizziness. A few facts from a scientific point of view:

  • Pressure point massage stimulates blood circulation
  • Stretching relaxes the muscles
  • Yoga positions have a positive effect on the posture
  • Twists, inflections, and dilations of the spine
  • A soothing effect on the physical agility
  • Promoting blood circulation and lymphatic flow by raising the legs
  • Increased physical suppleness by increased production of synovial fluid by rotation of the joints
  • Through deep relaxation, the internal organs are better supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated
  • Mindful contact can cause physical wellbeing
  • Lifting techniques can lead to a feeling of security


90 min.  € 109,00

120 min.  € 129,00