Body & Energy Treatments

Body treatments

  • Phytomer-Oligomer-SPA body treatment

    Body scrub with specific body massage that is designed to release all perceived tensions and for deep re-energizing.

    • Re-mineralising of the body
    • Tightening of the skin
    • Energizing of the soul

    90 min. € 98,00

  • Ear candle treatment

    In many cultures ear candling has been known as an effective natural remedy for a long time. It is applied to clean the ears and create a pressure equalization in the ears, the frontal sinus and the paranasal sinuses. Ear candles are exclusively produced from high-quality beeswax, essential oils from honey and traditional Indian herbs. The Hopi-Indians, the oldest Pueblo-tribe with great wisdom about healing and a high degree of spirituality, have brought this knowledge to Europe and more and more people have discovered the healing effect of this ancient ceremony.

    30 min. € 32,00

  • Body peeling before the bath

    15 min. € 17,00

  • Intense body peeling

    Gentle cleansing with sea salt cream, removes dead skin cells and the skin gets better circulated and is able to breathe. For the final care moisturizing oils are applied.

    25 min. € 29,00

  • Brush massage

    This type of body cleansing combines peeling with massage on a warm stone. With soft brushes and a prickling enzyme-peeling your skin becomes like velvet. The treatment ends with a warm gush of water and an oiling of the body.

    40 min. € 48,00

  • Back treatment

    Cleaning and caring for your back. Especially recommended if you have skin problems/acne or very dry skin.

    60 min. € 65,00

  • Hamam

    „Hamam“ is a Turkish cleansing ritual and means “warming”. This method is about 800 years old and has its origins in central Anatolia. Hamam is a bath for body and soul in mild warmth with soft illumination, far away from bustle and every-day life. Hamam is not just a pure cleansing of the body, but a feast for the senses.

    90 min. € 95,00

  • Body wrap

    Beauty and wellbeing with high-quality active agents, based on natural essential oils and plant extracts and sea salt in combination with a well-tried body wrap. Body wraps drain, bring new elasticity to the tissue and sustainably improve skin structure.

    Sea salt wrap, 60 min € 48,00



Energetic treatments

  • NEW! Energetic meridian treatment with healing gems

    A natural method to remove blockages in the energy circulation. This is done by gentle pulling of the meridians using gemstone rods. The aim of the treatment is to rebalance the “disturbed energy flow” of the human body. Energy is derived from areas with full energy to areas with poor energy.

    The energy begins to flow and increases your vitality and well-being.

    50 min. € 70,00

  • Energy session for pregnant women

    Treatment of the physical energies especially developed and individually adjusted for pregnant women. This treatment enhances the energetic connection between mother and child during pregnancy and facilitates birth.

    50 min. € 70,00

  • Reiki

    Reiki is the 2000 year-old eastern art of healing by laying on hands. By transfer of Rei Ki (translated: universal vitality/energy of light) the self-healing powers of the body are activated and a state of deep relaxation and relief is induced. Reiki harmonizes the flow of energy in the body, detoxicates, relaxes and dissolves blockades. Feel the security of the laying on of hands.

    50 min. € 70,00 

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu

    Jin Shin Jyutsu is the ancient art of harmonizing life energy and of dissolving energy blockades of the body. This Japanese art of healing works with 26 points – called safety energy locks. With the hands the practitioner holds a combination of safety energy locks and makes the energy flow. The hands work as jumper cables, which activate the energy flow. This process improves your health, alleviates and cures illnesses.

    50 min.  € 70,00 

  • Shiatsu

    Shiatsu is an autonomous self-contained form of manual body work. The treatment is applied along the meridians (lanes of energy flow) and stimulates them as required. Shiatsu is the Japanese word for pressure and finger. The pressure is also applied with the balls of the thumb, feet, elbows and knees to specific body parts. The holistic treatment is completed by stretching, squeezing and rotating. Due to the regular flow of Chi the self-healing powers of the body and wellbeing are improved and the immune system is strengthened.

    50 min. € 70,-



  • Alkaline salt-oil full body massage

    Ozonated olive oil, a tissue or circulating oil and alkaline salt help the body to remove acids. This treatment is used in particular to strengthen the circulatory system, enhances blood circulation and supports the connective tissue to improve cellulite, scars and aging skin.

    30 min. € 35,00

  • Herbal stamp massage

    This massage is a special skin treatment. The moist heated herbs unfold a soothing and relaxing as well as cleansing effect. Before the herbal massage a light salt/oil massage is performed.

    60 min. € 75,00

  • Energizing brush massage for body and face

    With its fine bronze bristles made of an alloy of copper and tin, this special brush causes a particularly relaxing and pleasant tingling on the skin. The treatment has a vitalizing effect and stimulates blood circulation. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

    30 min. € 35,00

  • Alkaline alpine mud bath and body wrap

    Enjoy the ceremony of heat and cleansing with an alkaline body peeling and body wrap.

    60 min. € 49,00
    For 2 persons 60 min. € 96,00