Sauna & Relax


Crystal steam bath

Steam bath with 42- 45°C. The inhalation of brine, herbs and blossom fragrances increases your well-being.

Finnish sauna

Spacious sauna cabin in art nouveau design.

Bio sauna

Slowly heats the body with 50-56°C radiant heat – enjoy the interplay of colourful light.

Family steam bath and sauna

Separate steam bath and sauna in the indoor pool area for families with children (children under 15 years are not allowed in the large sauna area).


Infrared cabin

The infrared cabin produces a healing light that has a positive effect on the skin, joints and bones.

Shower grotto – ice fountain

Cold room with an ice fountain, a bucket shower and a waterfall shower.


Specialist showers for cooling are a SPA highlight.


Putting your feet alternately into cold and warm water stimulates your blood circulation.


Turbo solarium with separate face tanning 7 min € 5.-


Relax & unwind


Relaxation area

Spacious and bright, with comfortable loungers and reading niches in the indoor swimming pool area. Large tea and juice bar.

Feng Shui relaxation room

A relaxation area for the senses with banana leaf chairs for cuddling and resting – and two poster beds.

Meditation and relaxation room

Meditation and relaxation – just unwind in the right atmosphere. Our relaxation room offers all amenities for the perfect regeneration: light displays, Feng Shui fountain, music, health mats.



Vitamin bar

Enjoy fruit, tea and juices during your stay in the spa area.

Relaxation room with water beds

The perfect place for relaxation and recreation.


At a temperature of 39°C, the immune system is stimulated and the body improves its defenses. Warm benches, a starry sky and soft music create relaxation and wellbeing.


Whirlpool & indoor pool


Outdoor whirlpool

All season outdoor water fun at a temperature of 35°C with sunbathing lawn for the whole family.


Indoor pool & grotto

An exceptional play of light and water to 90 m² is pure bathing pleasure. A spacious, bright and sun-drenched relaxation area with illuminated gemstones provides a comforting sense of harmony and comfort. In the indoor pool area families will find a sauna and a steam bath for children. Benches to relax and various water bubbling in the indoor pool offer lots of bathing fun.

The indoor pool area is open daily from 7:30 bis 20:00h and also offers juice/tea bar and fruit.