Relaxing and energy treatments


  • Alkaline salt-oil full body massage

    Ozonated olive oil, a tissue or circulating oil and alkaline salt help the body to remove acids. This treatment is used in particular to strengthen the circulatory system, enhances blood circulation and supports the connective tissue to improve cellulite, scars and aging skin.

    30 min. € 35,00

  • Herbal stamp massage

    This massage is a special skin treatment. The moist heated herbs unfold a soothing and relaxing as well as cleansing effect. Before the herbal massage a light salt/oil massage is performed.

    60 min. € 75,00

  • Energizing brush massage for body and face

    With its fine bronze bristles made of an alloy of copper and tin, this special brush causes a particularly relaxing and pleasant tingling on the skin. The treatment has a vitalizing effect and stimulates blood circulation. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

    30 min. € 35,00

  • Alkaline alpine mud bath and body wrap

    Enjoy the ceremony of heat and cleansing with an alkaline body peeling and body wrap.

    60 min. € 49,00
    For 2 persons 60 min. € 96,00

Body treatments

  • Phytomer-Oligomer-SPA body treatment

    Body scrub with specific body massage that is designed to release all perceived tensions and for deep re-energizing.

    • Re-mineralising of the body
    • Tightening of the skin
    • Energizing of the soul

    90 min. € 98,00

  • Ear candle treatment

    In many cultures ear candling has been known as an effective natural remedy for a long time. It is applied to clean the ears and create a pressure equalization in the ears, the frontal sinus and the paranasal sinuses. Ear candles are exclusively produced from high-quality beeswax, essential oils from honey and traditional Indian herbs. The Hopi-Indians, the oldest Pueblo-tribe with great wisdom about healing and a high degree of spirituality, have brought this knowledge to Europe and more and more people have discovered the healing effect of this ancient ceremony.

    30 min. € 32,00

  • Body peeling before the bath

    15 min. € 17,00

  • Intense body peeling

    Gentle cleansing with sea salt cream, removes dead skin cells and the skin gets better circulated and is able to breathe. For the final care moisturizing oils are applied.

    25 min. € 29,00

  • Brush massage

    This type of body cleansing combines peeling with massage on a warm stone. With soft brushes and a prickling enzyme-peeling your skin becomes like velvet. The treatment ends with a warm gush of water and an oiling of the body.

    40 min. € 48,00

  • Back treatment

    Cleaning and caring for your back. Especially recommended if you have skin problems/acne or very dry skin.

    60 min. € 65,00

  • Hamam

    „Hamam“ is a Turkish cleansing ritual and means “warming”. This method is about 800 years old and has its origins in central Anatolia. Hamam is a bath for body and soul in mild warmth with soft illumination, far away from bustle and every-day life. Hamam is not just a pure cleansing of the body, but a feast for the senses.

    90 min. € 95,00

  • Body wrap

    Beauty and wellbeing with high-quality active agents, based on natural essential oils and plant extracts and sea salt in combination with a well-tried body wrap. Body wraps drain, bring new elasticity to the tissue and sustainably improve skin structure.

    Sea salt wrap, 60 min € 48,00



  • Facial – Small

    (without back treatment)

    60 min. € 69,00

  • Facial “Teen”

    Special cleaning treatment

    45 min. € 52,00

  • Especially for the eyes

    Eye treatment with phytomer including cleansing, massage and facial mask. Reduces wrinkles, calms and reduces circles round the eyes and eye strains.

    • Eye treatment, 30 min. € 36,00
    • Eyebrow grooming. € 6,00
    • Eyebrow dyeing € 7,00
    • Lash dyeing € 9,00
  • Pedicure
    • Pedicure, 45 min € 42,00
    • With nail polish, 60 min € 51,00
    • French nails  € 54,00
    • With nail design € 54,00
    * Included in the prices with nail polish is one Alessandro Trend nail polish (10 ml) of your choice. 
  • Manicure
    • Manicure 45 min € 32,00
    • With nail polish 60 min € 41,00
    • French manicure € 44,00
    • With nail design € 44,00
    Included in the prices with nail polish is one Alessandro Trend polish of your choice (10 ml). 
  • Hair removal with wax
    • eye brows € 8,00
    • chin € 7,00
    • upper lip € 6,50
    • face € 17,00
    • armpits € 15,00
    • back € 27,00
    • bikini € 12,00
    • legs (to knee) € 27,00
    • legs (complete) € 43,00
  • Facial – intensive moisturizing

    Warm compresses with sea water pearls bring highly active sea weed agents and minerals to your skin and make it shine. Face and decollete treatment (including eyebrow grooming) with special back treatment and head massage.

    90 min. € 102,00

  • Facial – Large Phytomer

    Treatment – individually adapted to the needs of your skin – of face and decollete (including eyebrow grooming). A special self-warming sea-mud on your back yields ideal purification.

    90 min. € 98,00

  • Barborganic facial “purely natural”

    In a world of increasing environmental pollution pure active agents accelerate the regeneration and renewal of cells and they give moisture, vitality and protection to the skin, so that it can find its ideal balance again.

    Facial and decollete treatment (including eyebrow grooming) with a mountain-crystal face massage.

    90 min. € 98,00

Partner treatments

  • Alpine mud – ceremony

    With the alpine mud bath we transfer the philosophy of the Rasulbath to the Alpine region. A combination of the alpine romance in our “Almstube” and the ceremonial of the mud bath. Enjoy the beneficial effect of water, earth and warmth. Especially for couples looking for togetherness.

    For two people, 60 min. € 84,00

Spa baths

  • Goat butter cream bath

    Goat butter cream is a luxury treatment for your skin. It has a highly moisturizing and cell regenerating effect. Ideal for very dry skin.

    40 min. € 37,00

  • Primrose cream bath

    Being native to the USA, the American Indians used the herb as a medical plant. In herbal medicine especially the evening primrose oil is of importance. The oil, extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose, is used for treating neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Also ideal for sensitive skin.

    40 min. € 37,00

  • Seaweed bath

    Wellbeing by the use of the power of the sea. Seaweed has a purifying and detoxifying effect. It is moisturizing, it activates metabolism and helps to eliminate weight problems.

    40 min. € 37,00

  • Oil shale fango

    Localised treatment with warm compresses. Recommended for muscle tensions, spinal disorders, or for the treatment of sports injuries.

    40 min. € 34,00

  • Rose petal bath

    A rose petal bath has harmonizing, balancing and relaxing effects. Nurture the skin with high-quality oils and enjoy the recreational effect of the rose “the mother of all fragrances”.

    40 min € 34,00

  • Cleopatra bath

    Already in ancient Egypt this bath was the epitome of beauty . A high-quality mixture of milk, honey, skin oils and orange makes the skin soft and smooth.

    40 min. € 34,00

  • Alpine herbal bath

    Strengthen your vitality with the power of herbs from the Pitztal. Enjoy the smell of lavender, chamomile, peppermint and roses. Perfect to reduce stress and to strengthen the immune system.

    Optionally as a bath against cold.

    40 min € 34,00

  • Tiroler Steinöl (shale oil) bath

    For more than 100 years Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) has been mined in the Achensee region. A shale oil bath is an excellent remedy for overexerted joints, aching muscles, pain in the limbs and very relaxing after an active day.

    40 min € 34,00

Spa massages

  • NEW! Massage with Swiss Stone Pine Lotion

    Heated Swiss stone pine sticks different in length and diameter will be used for this invigorating massage. The Swiss stone pine massage lotion (with arnica or honey) is highly relaxing. The heat of the sticks and the lotion penetrate deep into the muscle layer, improve blood circulation, promote the energy flow and ease tension and blockages.

    For the facial massage choose from a cream with honey, St John’s wort or arnica.

    This massage has many beneficial effects: 

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Flexibility of joint and muscles
    • Energy and vitality
    • Reduces stress
    • Deep relaxation
    • Radiant and fresh skin
    • Eases tension and blockages

    Full body massage with face – 80 min.      € 145,-
    Full body massage without face – 50 min. €   89,-
    Facial massage – 30 min.                               €   59,-


  • Thai- aroma oil massage

    This massage is basically the small version of the traditional Thai massage. The oils and flavours used increase the overall well-being. The result is a mental and physical relaxation, especially suitable for stressed or emotionally tense persons.

    The effect:

    • The massage promotes blood circulation to the organs.
    • The energy lines are stimulated by the muscles and blood circulation is enhanced.
    • During the massage hormones are released in the tissue which also has positive effect.
    • The lymphatic system is stimulated by massage strokes in direction to the heart and supports blood circulation to the organs.
    • The immune system and our health will be strengthened.
    • Muscle tension is alleviated.

    50 min. € 62,-

  • Nuad Tao Thai foot massage

    The art of traditional massage is widely used in Thailand and is part of the everyday life of the native people.

    The effect of this massage is versatile:

    • It activates and harmonizes the gentle flow of energy in the body of the recipient.
    • The vitality and life energy (prana) is stimulated and strengthened.
    • Through the deep relaxation it is a natural and gentle help for body, mind and soul to come back into balance. It supports mental health and helps to be more relaxed in everyday life.
    • It stimulates the circulatory system and the body’s functions and activates the self-healing of the body.
    • This massage also increases the lymphatic flow. As a result, the body can detoxify. Edema may be reduced.

    50 min  € 59.-

  • Thai-Massage – by traditional Asian teaching

    The foundation of Thai Massage is the ayurvedic system of 72,000 lines of energy, of which ten are treated in the Thai massage. By Ayurvedic teachings these energy lines provide us with prana (life energy). In the stretching positions of the Thai massage the muscles consume oxygen and the person is encouraged to breathe more deeply. A deep breathing promotes relaxation and regeneration.

    Additional pressure on certain energy points also alleviates the following physical ailments:

    Headache, nausea, indigestion, ear ringing (tinnitus), insomnia, shock, cough, knee pain, back pain, dizziness. A few facts from a scientific point of view:

    • Pressure point massage stimulates blood circulation
    • Stretching relaxes the muscles
    • Yoga positions have a positive effect on the posture
    • Twists, inflections, and dilations of the spine
    • A soothing effect on the physical agility
    • Promoting blood circulation and lymphatic flow by raising the legs
    • Increased physical suppleness by increased production of synovial fluid by rotation of the joints
    • Through deep relaxation, the internal organs are better supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated
    • Mindful contact can cause physical wellbeing
    • Lifting techniques can lead to a feeling of security


    90 min.  € 109,00

    120 min.  € 129,00

  • Aroma massage

    A few drops essential aroma oil is mixed with a preheated base oil. This mixture is then poured over the back along the spinal column. Afterwards enjoy a gentle relaxing massage.

    approx. 50 min. € 55,-

  • Anti-Stress-Massage

    In the anti-stress massage tension in the erector spinae are loosened and improves circulation, which has a deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system to malfunction.

    Procedure: hot compresses (towels) are placed along the spine.


    about 50 min. € 55,-


    Oils: Marmot massage oil, St. John’s massage milk

  • Connective tissue massage

    In the connective tissue massage is made to influence the distribution of collagenous connective tissue fibers and causes the displacement of the fibers between over-and under-stressed zones.


    about 50 min. € 59,-

  • Massage with scented candles

    This treatment is relaxing by stimulation with fragrances. The ingredients of essential oils are ingested by breathing and through the skin and transfer body and mind into a comfortable state of relaxation. Let your skin be indulged by the warmth of the massage candle.

    40 min. € 48,00
    child massage 15 min. € 17,00

  • Honey massage

    Enjoy this special treat for the body, the senses and the skin. The stimulating, soft grips used at this massage invigorate the entire body. By the sticking texture of massage-honey the tissue is loosened. You will experience comfortable relaxation by the use of a bees wax pack and a massage candle.

    50 min. € 68,00 

  • Lymphatic drainage

    The lymphatic system has the following functions in our body: keeping up hydrological balance, cleaning the body from toxic agents and purifying. The lymphatic drainage has a positive impact on the lymphatic system by imposing light pressure on special areas. The massage increases the lymphatic flow and accelerates drainage. Ideal after operations, problems with lymph nodes or to support detoxication or diets.

    20 min. € 32,00

    50 min. € 58,00 

  • Foot reflexology

    Like a map the feet disclose weaknesses of the organism. During the treatment you have a sense of comfortable well-being.

    20 min. € 32,00
    50 min. € 52,00

  • Combined massage

    A combination of back- and foot reflexology massage.

    50 min. € 58,00 

  • Sports massage

    Especially after extensive sports this massage works wonders on your muscles. The muscles are vitalized and relaxed with Tirolean shale oil skin tonic, which loosens hardened muscles and vitalizes the skin. Afterwards you feel fresh, fit and rested.

    50 min. € 62,00

  • Classic massage

    A massage activates and supports blood circulation. By increasing blood circulation the nurturing and purifying of the tissue is promoted. Every body cell is supplied with fresh oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. The tissue is tightened, hardened muscles are loosened and atonic muscles are strenghened.

    Partial massage 25 min. € 35,00
    Full body massage 50 min. € 58,00
    Child massage 15 min. € 17,00

  • Relaxation massage

    This massage is performed on a warm marble table with a lot of warm oil. The soft touches create a sense of closeness and security. The most important effect of this massage technique is the sense of eternity and therefore a deep, intense relaxation of the body, emotions and the nervous system.

    50 min. € 65,00 

Spa packages

  • Teen package
    • 1 feel-good package “Teen”
    • 1 partial massage

    for a minimum stay of 1 day € 75,00

  • Purification package
    • 1 lymphatic drainage, 20 min
    • 1 salt pack
    • 1 peeling before the bath
    • 1 seaweed bath
    • 1 feel-good pack

    for a minimum stay of 2 days € 219,00

  • Energy package
    • 1 reflexology facial
    • 1 individual energy session
    • 1 foot reflexology massage
    • 1 bath with alpine herbs
    • 1 ear candle treatment

    for a minimum stay of 2 days € 254,00

  • Sports package
    • 1 sports massage
    • 1 pedicure
    • 1 Tirolean shale oil bath
    • 1 Shiatsu

    for a minimum stay of 2 days € 183,00

  • Beauty day for ladies
    • 1 small feel-good package
    • 1 manicure with nail polish
    • 1 aroma oil massage

    for a minimum stay of 1 day € 134,00


  • Spa package for pregnant women
    • 1 energy session
    • 1 small feel-good pack
    • 1 eye treatment
    • 1 pedicure

    for at least 2 days € 206,00

  • Wellness day for gents
    • 1 small feel-good package
    • 1 pedicure
    • 1 partial body massage

    for a minimum stay of 1 day € 132,00